Who Are We?

Orasphere was created by two dentists who had the vision for what a difference patient education could make. Dr. Stacy Hunt started making videos for his own patients and, through this hands on experience, became an expert at 3D modelling and animation. 52 premium quality videos and several years later, Orasphere has gone on to sell in 10 countries worldwide (U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Russia, Brazil, U.K., France and Spain).

Orasphere is offered both as videos for the computers in your operatories or reception area, and as integrated video links in your website for your patients to access remotely (expanding their dental experience with your practice).

Orasphere allows patients to see reality and ensures patients have a better understanding of dental procedures. Informed patients means better acceptance to proposed treatment plans and less wasted time. Orasphere is good for business!

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Wow Your Patients

A video is worth
a million words

Have you ever spent 15 minutes explaining a procedure and then have your patient ask questions you've already answered? The key to making dental treatment run smoothly is communication.

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Earn an extra $75,000 per year with orasphere

Verbal complex procedure explanations of 15 minutes or more are reduced to 5, while at the same time increasing patients acceptance of treatment plans.

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Use in your clinic or on
your website

Patients can use Orasphere in the reception area. Or, in the operatory. You can quickly discuss the nuances because you both already know the basics.

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