Dental Patient Education: Build trust through seriously cool dentist educational software systems

It's 2017...
Why are you still sketching procedures for your patients?

Find out why thousands of dental practices, in more than 10 countries worldwide, have chosen Orasphere's high production value dentist education software systems to improve their dental practice image, efficiency & revenue.

Increase Case Acceptance

Increase dental practice revenue by increasing your dental patient's acceptance of treatment plans with dentist education systems. Most of our dentists find that Orasphere Dentist Patient Education Software Systems pays for itself in a few short months.

Improve Dental Practice Efficiency

Dentist patient education systems can save more that 5 minutes of explanation time per dental patient. Over a year that can add up to hundreds of hours. Use that time to do a quick hygiene check, schedule dental patients more efficiently... or see more dentist patients in the same time. Your payback on Orasphere dentist patient education software is just a couple of months.

Improve Your Professional Image

Orasphere dental patient education systems are high production value and professional. The dental education software system is delivered via DVD, PC, or Web

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Additional Dentist Patient Educational Products

We also offer dental patient education software systems on DVD for your waiting area, and streaming format to add to your website. We also offer pre-configured bundles that include multiple software formats for your dentist patient educational systems.

More product details and pre-configured dentist patient education systems bundles

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Why Orasphere Dental Patient Education Systems?

Have you ever spent 15 minutes explaining a procedure and then have your dental patient ask questions you've already answered? Using words alone to describe complex dental procedures doesn't work. It can lead to confusion, repetition, uncertainty, wasted time, embarrassment and, in the worst case scenario, legal liability. By contrast, use of Orasphere dentist patient education software systems can lead to increased acceptance of treatment plans and much better patient understanding.

Orasphere dental patient education software systems were designed by Dr. Stacy Hunt, BDS and Dr. Tom Gallivan, Jr., DDS and is used by dentists in more than 10 countries worldwide. With a full (30-day) money back guarantee, it's time you let the power of Orasphere dentist patient education software systems educate your patients, so you can focus your energy on the clinical work that drives your practice income. Orasphere dental patient software systems are available for your customers in your reception area and operatories, or for use on your website.

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Client Comments

"The dental patient education software systems have certainly increased my practice's revenue and provided my practice with an invaluable tool that I cannot live without..."

Dr. Steven Ang

"Your best dental patient education software version yet; can't think of a thing to complain using these systems."

Dr. David Dodell
Internet Dental Forum

"Wow! Those are some incredibly cool graphics!"

Dr. John Flucke
Technology Editor
Dental Products Report

"After seeing Orasphere dentist education software systems, the patient's first comment was ... he should have all of them done! Thanks!"

Dr. Milton Zweig
Thousand Oaks, CA